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Within the context of improving the efficiency of STDF''s research funding mechanisms, the administration of STDF has revised the aims and conditions of application to the National Research Grant Programs (namely: the Basic & Applied Research Program, The Young Researcher Grants Program, and the Reintegration Grants Program). As a result of this revision, STDF''s Board of Directors has issued the following modifications to the rules of application:

1- Applicants to STDF''s funding programs must hold a Ph. D. Degree, and must be affiliated to a public or private Egyptian research institution (i.e. a research center or university).

2- Applicants to the Reintegration Grants Program must not be over 35 years of age at the time of submitting the research proposal, and must have received a Ph.D. degree from a world renowned foreign university within the last three years (or within the last five years, provided that he has spent the time since being awarded the Ph. D. working at a prestigious research institution, and has published no less than three papers in international scientific journals (with good impact factors). Researchers awarded a Reintegration Grant are automatically eligible to apply for a Capacity Building Grant.

3- Applicants to the Young Researcher Grants Program must not be over 35 years of age at the time of submitting the research proposal, and must have published no less than two papers in international scientific journals (with reasonable impact factors).

4- The budget for "Travel" in any project must not exceed 10% of the project''s total budget, with a maximum value not exceeding 100,000 LE (One hundred thousand Egyptian Pounds).

5- The maximum allowable total budget for Young Researcher Grants is to be increased from 625,000 LE to 750,000 LE.

6- The total amount for salaries (incentives) must not exceed 25% of the project''s total budget. For accepted project proposals, the salaries suggested for the research team will be discussed during the contracting process, and may be modified if necessary in accordance with STDF''s rules and regulations.

7- In the "Young Researcher Grants" program, and the "Reintegration Grants" program, the research team must consist of at least two Assistant Lecturers/Assistant Researchers. However, one of the team members may

be a Ph.D. holder, but must be of less seniority than the Principal Investigator.

8- Purchasing of equipment, laboratory supplies, chemicals and other research materials is allowable for all National Research Grant Programs, with no maximum percentage of the project''s total budget.

9- In all National Research Grant Programs, STDF''s pre-approval is required for travel to attend a conference at the expense of the project, and an oral presentation must be made at the conference, which must be in the same field/area as the funded project''s field/area. Only one participant in the conference is allowed per paper.

10- Eligible expenditures from the "Indirect Costs" item of the budget (which is equivalent to 20% of the project''s total direct costs) include only the following:

• Funding of Technology Transfer Offices, and their development.

• The use of premises, furniture, equipment and machinery, as well as the consumption of electricity and water.

• Repair and maintenance of equipment and machinery.

• Compensation of the accountants, drivers, administrative personnel and non-technical laborers taking part in the project. The total amount for such compensation must not exceed one quarter of the total amount of the "Indirect Costs".

11- The ceiling for the "Indirect Costs" is in the amount of 200,000 LE (Two hundred thousand Egyptian Pounds), to be paid in accordance with payment of the project''s installments.

12- Any Principal Investigator cannot have more than two projects running at the same time.

In addition to the aforementioned modifications to the application rules, it is worth mentioning that STDF expects tangible outcomes from funded projects. At least one international manuscript in a peer reviewed international journal (with a reasonable impact factor), and/or a patent(s), is a must for successful termination of any project. Performance of PIs who fail to fulfill this condition will be categorized as weak, and they will not be recommended for further STDF funding.

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